Mayflower School of English

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Plymouth is a city of history, beauty and pleasure combining the old with the new. In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers chose Plymouth as the starting point of their historic voyage to Massachusetts, North America in a ship called "The Mayflower". Now, Plymouth is a modern city of 275,000 inhabitants offering a wide range of shops, pubs, restaurants, theatres, sports facilities, etc. The surrounding countryside of Dartmoor and Cornwall is some of the most spectacular and naturally beautiful in Britain.

Choosing a school to improve your English can be a difficult decision. If, however, you are looking for a small, friendly organisation where you will receive a highly personalised, caring and professional service then Mayflower urges you to join them. The courses are "Accredited by the British Council" and it has been members or English UK - this means their service is regularly inspected to ensure the highest all-round quality. They shall do everything they can to ensure you have an enjoyable and profitable time at the Mayflower College.

The Mayflower College is located on the historic Hoe area of Plymouth, next to a park and just 40 metres from the sea. The tranquillity and natural beauty of the area create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and study. 

Available Programmes: