Design & Arts College of New Zealand

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Design & Arts College of New Zealand offers a wide range of specialist design and arts programmes from Certificate, Diploma, to Degree level. There are 7 major disciplines in the college: Fine Arts, Contemporary Photography, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Architectural Design, Fashion Design, Make up design & production.


D&A is a unique institution, offering students a curriculum which is enhanced by special features. Some of these features include:

  • Our focus on art and design education
  • The relatively small size of the class – 20 students for first year class which means more personal attention from tutors
  •  We strongly encourage students to develop their own ideas and creative styles as designers and artists.
  • Our tutors are carefully chosen for their industry experience as well as teaching excellence
  •  We work closely with industry in all aspects of development and delivery of curriculum
  • Entry criteria is more flexible – we welcome motivated, professional and enthusiastic applicants, rather than focusing solely on academic achievements.
  • Internship opportunities

D&A arranges internships, work experience or 'live' brief opportunities for students. Many of these experiences lead to important industry contact, and hence full-time employment. We also have work placement service to provide students with career guidance and employment assistance. We also run graduation exhibition for all the programmes where industry people will be invited to the exhibitions, and this is often where students get to network with the industry contacts. Thousands of D&A graduates are now working as professionals in their field in New Zealand and around the world..

Available Programmes: